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BRAZIL / Porto de Galinhas

Air view of Porto de Galinhas
 Porto de Galinhas is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil; according to magazines and travellers, it is The best beach in Brazil.
Porto de Galinhas means Port of Chickens; during the 18th century, when the traffic of slaves was forbidden, "chicken" was the code used to refer to the slaves. "There are new chickens in town" was the way to say that a ship loaded with slaves had arrived.
Until a few years ago, Porto de Galinhas was an anonymous small village of fishermen; today, it's a famous small village of fishermen. Many of the locals still make a living out of the catches they get from the sea, the coconuts which abound in the palm tree plantations, the small commerce businesses. Today Porto changed from a fishermen village to the playground of Brazil's richest and most famous.

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